Selim Rantapuro - Jazz Guitarist, Composer and Educator


Welcome to my website. I am Selim Rantapuro, a Finnish jazz guitarist and educator. On this website you can find some information about me, news about some of my upcoming shows, ongoing projects, or buy my CDs.

I am about to update some important dates when it comes to public gigs with the projects I’m involved in. Private event gigs or casuals aren’t going to be updated here for now. Many things are about to happen and I am looking forward to it. I am planning on my second album already, and looking forward it to be ready within a year. I would love everybody to check out my album “Shades of Blue” recorded with some really good and talented Belgian jazz musicians that I met whole living in Belgium. I am open to any gig requests, I have played several solo guitar gigs and duo gigs with a singer or a bassist, or jazz guitar trio gigs with guitar, bass and drums. You can have a singer that I would accompany, or a full band, depending on your wishes. I play in several groups that could provide some quality music to your event. I’ll be open to any wishes in terms of the repertoire or the variety of the pieces being played. In addition to being a jazz musician, I play all kinds of music, and I’ve played several pop gigs during my music career in some private events. I am happy to help you with any kind of questions in terms of your musical progress as an educator, or a theory related question. I have taught in several music institutions, so I have some teaching experience as well.